ETKA 7.X PLUS 09-2013 RAR-torrent

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Description ETKA 7.X PLUS 09-2013.UPDATE.FIX V2.1 -------------------------------------
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Run the file ETKA UPDATE 2.1.exe to update the ETKA 7.X PLUS

Now, the clock of the windows no longer delay in starting of the ETKA
However, if you want to activate this function just edit the file C:\ETKA\PROG\EtStart.ini
And where is Delay=0, switch to Delay=5, 6 or more

This update is just to apply after updade 1001 of VW and AUDI

If you have a update lower than 1001 apply this update first: (v1.7)

1. If you have updates of AUDI & VW lower then 1001, Open ETKA 7.4, then close ETKA

2. Apply Update Fix v1.7

3. Copy/install Updates only up to the 1001 for AUDI & VW to the respective folders.
   If you use a online tool, beford open ETKA, remove updates after 1001 (C:\ETKA\DATA\xx\Update)

4. Open ETKA 7.4, apply updates, then close ETKA

5. Apply Update Fix v2.1, ETKA 7.4 auto open (Confirme if AUDI & VW are updates 1001).
   If yes close ETKA. You can go to the next step.

6. Copy/install updates after 1001 (currently 1003)

7. Open ETKA 7.4, apply updates, then close ETKA

8. Now, you can open ETKA (7.3 or 7.4)

9. From now on, before Copy/install Updates or using any Online-Update tools,
   first RUN and CLOSE ETKA 7.4, Copy/install the new updates. Open ONLY ETKA 7.4 to aplly new Updates

History of Updates

v1.7 This update fix prevents the window appears with the message to upgrade to version of ETKA 7.4 when make the update 1001

v1.8 This update fix is just to apply after update 1001. Bring back the FI function and updates now show 999 instead of 0 on ETKA 7.3

v1.9 This update fix Upgrade the menu Online-Updates and starting of version 7.4 more faster.

v2.0 Now ETKA 7.3 will show updates 1, 2, 3, etc... instead of 999 for AUDI & VW

v2.1 Sometimes when ETKA 7.3 open show updates 0 instead of 1,2,3... Possibility to enable/disable delay in computer date when ETKA start


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2019-09-09 20:24
这个是copy版本 代理商部门我们不清楚
2019-09-03 17:27